Peñíscola Congress Center
Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos 

The seafront location of the site by the Castle of Peñíscola determined both the design and the purpose of this cultural building. The premise was the desire to link all the interior spaces to the park and the sea, so the building displays a continuous and closed front towards the streets around it, and an open, fragmented facade towards the park, allowing views of the sea from the upper level and creating an outdoor plaza. The canopy at the entrance is made of ceramic pieces in a three-dimensional pattern; a filter that lets the wind flow through but that shelters from the rain. It is the main feature of the project, as it relates the park and the Congress Center through a public space and becomes a meeting point that redirects visitors to all the independent areas of the building.

The main hall, administration offices, and exhibition area are at ground level, while the first floor harbors three congress halls and the cafeteria, which opens up to the sea. The gently sloping main hall seats 700 people, and is suitable for concerts and conferences. The structure of the undulating concrete ceiling incorporates the acoustic conditioning required, and the walls offer a warm counterpoint with the wood finish.

Arquitectos Architects

Ángela García de Paredes, Ignacio G. Pedrosa

Colaboradores Collaborators

Eva M. Neila. Silvia Colmenares. Javier Arpa Jaime Prior, Ramón Monfort (dirección de obra site supervision)

Dirección de ejecución Execution manager

Luis Calvo, José Carratalá

Estructura Structure

Alfonso G. Gaite GOGAITE S.L.

Instalaciones Mechanical engineering


Propietario Owner

Proyecto Cultural de Castellón, S.A.

Constructora Contractor


Superficie construida Floor area

6.175 m²

Presupuesto Budget

12.328.610 euros

Fotos Photos

Roland Halbe, Lluís Casals