Our publications

AV Monografías

The first of the three magazines, AV Monographs analyzes since 1985 the most important works by key architects (historic and contemporary) and the most relevant themes. Aside from project descriptions, technical data, images by prominent photographers, plans and construction details, the monographs also include essays by leading specialists.

  • Articles

  • Works

    Monographs on an architect or theme including essays, works, and projects illustrated in detail.

  • Periodicity: monthly

Arquitectura Viva

With a clear journalistic calling, Arquitectura Viva covers since 1988 architectural and cultural news from a plural and critical perspective. Each issue features a dossier of the latest works of the most important national and international studios, as well as news, art, culture, books, interior-exterior-house of the month, products, and op-ed sections.

  • News

    The latest architectural news.

  • Cover theme

    The latest buildings by national and international architects.

  • Art & Culture + Books

    Op-ed articles on cultural issues and book reviews.

  • Dossier

    Section on a building type or material.

  • Periodicity: monthly

AV Proyectos

AV Monographs and Arquitectura Viva, welcomed the third member of the family, AV Proyectos in 2004. Conceived mainly for students and young professionals, the magazine focusses on design projects by renowned architects and emerging studios, and includes sections on architectural competitions and building processes with an emphasis on construction details.

  • Dossier + Competition

    Selection of unbuilt projects by an architect or studio. Section featuring both the winning and shortlisted projects of a recent architecture competition.

  • In detail + Under construction

    Collection of construction details of a specific material and building type. Analysis of a major building nearing completion.

  • Exhibition + Photography

    Sections on an exhibition or cultural event and on a photographer whose images have an architectural content.

  • Periodicity: bimonthly

Technical characteristics
of our printed editions:


Four color

Inside paper

Moat coated 125 gr

Cover page

Moat coated 250 gr

Trim size

240 x 297 mm