Public Library, Córdoba

Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos 

The complex features of the site – with a fragment of the medieval Marinid city –, the compactness of Ceuta, and the deep slope called for a proposal with a unifying character. The architecture is born from the place, offering one reading in spite of the different premises, seeking a harmonious coexistence of different periods and uses, different urban geometries and levels that all stem from the steep topography.

The Ceuta Public Library is organized around the archaeological site, which becomes part of its interior spaces and is included in the geometry of the new building. Triangular hanging lamps mark the direction of the old streets, illuminating the remains, and the depth of the space. The faceted volume rests on a concrete plinth and the enclosure includes two layers: an interior glass one and an outer aluminum-perforated one wrapped up in a light metal skin that reduces glare and solar gain, maximizing the use of natural daylight while ventilating the facade and moderating the strong wind from the Strait of Gibraltar. Several concrete structural voids are cut out of the double facade of the Library, offering views towards both seas and onto the city with all its layers of time and rich history. 

Arquitectos Architects

Ángela García de Paredes, Ignacio G. Pedrosa

Colaboradores Collaborators

Álvaro Rábano, Álvaro Oliver, Lucía Guadalajara, Clemens Eichner. Ángel Camacho, Ignacio Cordero, Roberto Lebrero

Mediciones y presupuesto Measurements and budget

Luis Calvo

Dirección de ejecución Execution manager

Jesús Bozzo Fernández de Tirso

Estructura Structure

Alfonso G. Gaite GOGAITE, S.L.

Instalaciones Mechanical engineering

Gustavo Álvarez, GEASYT S.A.

Propietario Owner

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

Constructora Contractor

BANASA Barroso Nava S.A.; Patricia Largo (jefe de obra construction manager)

Superficie Floor area

7.225 m²

Presupuesto Budget

12.350.917 euros

Fotos Photos

Fernando Alda