Alien House

Alien is a structure that emerges from within, just like the eighth passenger in Ridley Scott’s mythical movie. This parasite structure shows itself at different moments of the premises of a preceding construction, of which only the masonry walls have been preserved, along with its bold white mass situated on a hill in a low scrub landscape. Inserting a new structure on the site has made it possible to altogether transform the domestic space, which is no longer compartmentalized like before and which now in all frankness opens out to the Mediterranean Sea. In the residence, the household’s daytime activities are placed on the ground floor, leaving the upper level for the family’s bedrooms and a library. A spatial sequence gradually leads from the interior to the exterior through a series of spaces, each of a different character: a garden facing the sea, terraces and an open platform, a covered space behind a big arch, a patio, a raised terrace, and finally a rear porch with its own garden.

Obra Work

Casa Alien Alien House in San Juan, Alicante (Spain).

Arquitectos Architects

Noname 29 / Alfredo Payá Benedito.

Colaboradores Collaborators

A. Calero, S. Miralles, V. Pascual; N. Velasco (arquitecto técnico quantity surveyor); B. Vera (interiorista interior design).

Fotos Photos

David Frutos / BISimages.