Es Pou House in Formentera

Marià Castelló Architecture 

A rural plot in Formentera, one of the Balearic Islands, is the site of this project carried out by a team led by Marià Castelló and Lorena Ruzafa. With a built area of 94 square meters, the work is fragmented into three independent white volumes, reducing its scale and blending better into the landscape of wheat and oat fields as well as almond and fig trees. From south to north, the first block harbors a porch, the second the dwelling’s shared spaces, and the third two bedrooms.

Ceramic materials are present in the roof finishes, the Majorcan-style vaults, the lattices, the facade claddings, some of the vertical surfaces, including vitrified green tiles, and also the main bedroom’s headboard, not to mention the pressed terracotta tiles of the pavements.

Most of the furniture is custom-designed, as is a set of luminaires and special pieces, prepared artisanally with formworks in Marià Castelló’s studio. Chairs of Mediterranean craft tradition are mixed with contemporary elements, such as the table and small tables of the D12 series, which give the ensemble a material and chromatic counterpoint.

Photos: Marià Castelló