Rockmagneten, Roskilde (in project)
MVRDV  COBE Architects 

Rockmagneten, Roskilde (in project)

MVRDV  COBE Architects 

In the Danish city of Roskilde, home of the rock festival of the same name, an old concrete factory of 8,000 m2 will be transformed into a new multifunctional and creative center.

Three new volumes are placed above the existing spaces: the museum, covered with golden spikes; the festival site, covered with speakers; and the residence for students, with a ring shape…[+]

Museo del Rock, Roskilde
Rock Museum

MVRDV, COBE Arkitekter

Equipo de diseñoDesign Team
Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries (MVRDV); Fokke Moerel, Klaas Hofman, Sara Bjelke, Rune Veile, Francesca Becchi, Nas Alkhaldi, Sara Impera

LIW Planning (paisajismo landscape); Arup Amsterdam, Transsolar, Stuttgart (sostenibilidad sustainability); Arup London (estructura structural engineering); Wessberg Herley (ingeniería engineering); Wessberg (mediciones costs); Luxigon (imágenes renderings); COBE Arkitekter (maqueta model)