Refuge-Observatory, Artá

Refuge-Observatory, Artá


Standing on a small rocky hillock that offers panoramic views of the valley, the mountains, and the town of Artá, this second residence becomes a privileged observatory of sunrises, sunsets, and storms. The project consists of adapting the traditional way of using a shepherd’s refuge to the contemporary dwelling. The approach symmetrically replicates the original volume in order to maintain the typological and technical operating conditions. The dry-built facades encourage a measured and voluntary dialogue with the local climate. See, illuminate, ventilate or sunbathe are operations that are differentiated into two families of hollows and gates that give the construction an ambiguous and enigmatic character. The interior reproduces the primitive scheme of three rooms (animals, shepherds, fodder) in two orientations: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom to the north; and dining room, living room, study to the south. Each room contains one single large object – table, sofa, desk, bath, bed, and kitchen island – that defines its use and is replicated in another exterior family that forms a complete outdoor dwelling – gazebo, bench, table, shower, hammock, and barbecue...[+]

Cliente  Client
Pepe Cobo  

estudioHerreros / Juan Herreros, Jens Richter (socios partners)

Responsable de proyectoProject Director
Verónica Meléndez  

Víctor Garzón, Margarita Martínez

Colaboradores Collaborators
Eduardo Barrón (estructura structure), Carlos Serra (dirección de obra site supervision)

Superficie Area
75 m²

Fotos Photos
José Hevia