Holiday House, Colonia de Sant Pere

Holiday House, Colonia de Sant Pere


Located in the far eastern part of Alcudia Bay, Colonia de Sant Pere is a spot which does not go by the usual standards of beauty, picturesqueness, and quality demanded by the elite tourists who visit the island of Mallorca. Nevertheless, as much its permanent inhabitants as those people who spend just a few weeks at a time there tend to have strong links with the place. So it is that a family with children decided to erect a vacation home on an elongated, narrow plot of land just a few meters from the sea. Assembled in Madrid, this industrialized house composed of fourteen modules was transported by ship and implanted on the site. Construction-wise, the main volume was entirely executed through dry methods. The facade was covered with panels made of wood shavings and cement that give the volume a mineral look without sacrificing the light appearance of an industrialized product. The retaining walls, machine rooms, and swimming pool were carried out beforehand. These provided a foundation platform and transformed the natural slope of the site into a stepped topography. Finally, the domestic program was laid out on two levels and in consideration of age: the children were given the upper level, the parents the ground floor...[+]

Cliente Client 
Privado Private 

Arquitecto Architect 
estudioHerreros / Juan Herreros, Jens Richter (socios partners) 

Responsable de proyecto Project Director 
Beatriz Salinas Equipo Team Víctor Garzón, Margarita Martínez 

Colaboradores Collaborators 
Eduardo Barrón (estructura structure), Juan Antonio Cortés (colaboración en la dirección de obra site supervision collaboration) 

Superficie Area 
220 m² 

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