Nursery School in Ourense
Abalo Alonso Arquitectos 
Nursery School in Ourense

Nursery School in Ourense

Abalo Alonso Arquitectos 

The idea of this preschool was to evoke a forest. In a newly developed part of Orense’s university campus, the building for use and accessibility reasons is one-story, and it is built with the structural economy of vernacular architecture. Four screens of reinforced concrete – with basic services imbedded in them – support two slabs of the same material, which is also used for floors and ceilings. Completed with a wall of blocks of lightened clay 19 centimeters thick, the complex is clad with a lattice of cedarwood treated with lasurs for greater durability, painted green. The design and the choice of wood address requirements that are aesthetic, mechanical, and climate-related: to give unity to the complex, lighten the load in the structural cantilevers, and combat the local climate – with its temperature leaps of up to 40 ºC between summer and winter –, improving protection against the sun’s rays and creating the conditions for cross ventilation.

Obra Work

Escuela infantil Nursery School in Orense (Spain).

Cliente Client

Universidade de Vigo, Vicerrectoría de Ourense.

Superficie construida Floor area

327 m².

Presupuesto Budget

400.000 euros.

Arquitectos Architects

Abalo Alonso arquitectos / Elizabeth Abalo y Gonzalo Alonso,

Colaboradores Collaborators

Berta Peleteiro.

Aparejador Quantity surveyor

Francisco González.

Consultor de estructuras Structural consultant

Carlos Bóveda.

Consultor de instalaciones MEP consultant

Fernando Gago.

Consultor de geotermia Geothermics


Contratista principal Main contractor

Construcciones Paraxe.

Fabricantes de madera Wood suppliers


Carpinterías aluminio Windows


Revestimiento fachada Facade


Revestimiento linóleo Linoleum


Iliminación emergencia Emergency lightning


Fotos Photos

Héctor Santos-Díez.