Communication Hub, Gwangju

This hub is located on a small vacant corner plot. The bloody demonstrations that brought democracy to Korea in 1980 had been forged in a now non-existent bookshop on the same corner, and this fact inspired the idea of building a simple manifesto of contemporary architecture, a hut for everyone, open and friendly: a celebration of democratic freedom that involves the individual and collective use of public space.

Two complementary strategies are applied in the project. In the first place, the trees that were already on the site are preserved and become part of the design. The ground level is also part of the project, and it is strategically cleared to turn it into a neutral frame ready to host activities 24 hours a day. It is paved with a single material, but in different colors and textures. Some of its pieces emerge from the ground, encouraging actions such as sitting, lying down, meeting or connecting, simulating an array of benches, tables or urban altars. A weightless pergola, clad in perforated sheet and held by steel stretchers anchored to tilted masts, illuminates the space while it draws the invisible contour of the spaces freed up by the trees...[+]

Cliente  Client
Gwangju Metropolitan City  

estudioHerreros / Juan Herreros, Jens Richter (socios partners)

Responsable de proyectoProject Director
Margarita Martínez  

Gonzalo Rivas  

Colaboradores Collaborators
D’espacio Architects (arquitecto local local architect)

460 m²

Jon-Gho Kim, Park Joohyun, Kyunsub Shin, estudioHerreros