Evergreen Terrace, Seoul

In order to transform the obsolete elevated highway into a new public space, the viaduct’s sections are divided into different stations fit out for different uses and surrounded by vegetation that spreads over the adjacent urban fabric...[+]

Evergreen Terrace, 2015

Concurso internacional por invitación 
International invited competition. 

Área Area
78.300 m². 

Cliente Client
Seoul Metropolitan Government. 

Responsables del proyectoProject Architects
Esteban Salcedo y Víctor Lacima. 

Consultores Consultants
Agence Ter, Olivier Phillipe, Marina Daviú (paisajismo landscape); Arup, Miguel Prieto, Laurent Rus (estructura structure); Wonderfulight, Anne Bureau (iluminación lighting); Arup, Rafael Ruiz (sostenibilidad y movilidad sustainability and mobility); Queipo Maquetas, Jorge Queipo (maqueta model); Sbda, Saida Dalmau (visualizaciones renderings)