Agriculture Development Center in Izmir
Mert Uslu Architecture 

Agriculture Development Center in Izmir

Mert Uslu Architecture 

Farming tasks are interwoven with educational initiatives and research projects in a facility that focuses on the challenges that agriculture has to confront in the face of climate change.

The different programs are arranged in a linear scheme along a boulevard protected by metal pergolas, and these have the effect of unifying the complex while marking areas intended for open-air activities.

The circulation axis leads visitors from one end of the premises, where the labs and other education-oriented spaces are, to the other, crossing a series of greenhouses and vertical gardens where smart-soil methods are tested.

Centro de desarrollo agrícola, Esmirna (Turquía) 
Agriculture Development Center, İzmir (Turkey).

Cliente Cliente
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Mert Uslu Architecture / Mert Uslu (arquitecto principal lead architect); Nilay Özcan Uslu, Melek Güneysu Öztürk, İmge Yurtseven Koç, Farida Rashidova, Gülcan Gürsoy, Merve Çelik (equipo team).
Consultores Consultants: Deniz Alkan Engineering (estructura structure); Kentselizm (paisaje landscape); Project BTU (instalaciones MEP services); Ayc Engineering (eletricidad electrical engineering).

2.000 m².

Fotos Photos
Zm Yasa Architectural Photography.