Edmond y Lilly Safra Center for Brain Sciences, Jerusalem
Foster + Partners 

Edmond y Lilly Safra Center for Brain Sciences, Jerusalem

Foster + Partners 

In the heart of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem stands this research facility for the scientific exploration of the brain. The upper three levels are shaded by an aluminum screen with patterns representing drawings by the Spanish neuroscientist Santiago Ramón y Cajal that illustrate the neurological brain structure.

The building is arranged in two wings flanking a central courtyard planted with citrus trees and crowned with a retractable ETFE roof. The upper levels house twenty-eight laboratories. At ground floor are are classrooms, a 200-seat auditorium, a café, and a gallery for displaying art related to the brain.

Centro de Neurociencias Edmond y Lily Safra
Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences, Jerusalem

Universidad Hebrea de Jerusalén

Foster+Partners / Norman Foster, David Nelson, Spencer de Grey, Stefan Behling, Darron Haylock, Matthew Hayhurst, Parul Singh, Kadri Kaldam, Apostolos Despotidis, Joana Santos, Josef Musil  (equipo team); Roger Ridsdill Smith, Xiaonian Duan, Piers Heath (equipo de ingeniería engineering team)

Yuval Baer Galit Shifman Nathan Architects (arquitecto colaborador collaborating architect); Baran Group (gestión de proyecto project management); Sherman Architects (laboratorios y coordinación de sistemas laboratory design and systems coordination); Labaton & Partners (estructura structure); I. Irony (instalaciones MEP services); Mitar (estimación de costes cost estimation); Krausher-Levy Electrical Engineering (iluminación lighting); Moria-Sekely Landscape Architect (paisajismo landscape)

Narsha / Danko; Alumeshet (fachada facade)

15.724 m²

Harel Gilboa