The location of Google’s new campus is Sunnyvale, close to the company’s main offices, and it consists of two buildings which are similar in size, symmetrically positioned along the green axis that separates them, containing a total floor area of 97,000 square meters.

The zigzagging paths that strectch along the terraces of the two constructions can be both walked on and biked on, and the roofs also feature recreation areas, sport facilities, plazas, and cafeterias.

The design presents two series of stepped green roofs, passable both on foot and by bike, that generate zigzagging routes, give access into the two buildings at several levels, and inside provide meeting zones, plazas, and cafeterias. The terraced complex aspires to take in as many as 4,500 employees in a construction that maximizes outdoor space (some of it reserved for staff use and the rest to be shared with residents of the city at large), boosts the presence of sports with a view to improving the health of workers, and makes itself part of Sunnyvale’s public transport system.

With this new campus Google endeavors to eliminate the boundary between workplaces and personal lives. The idea is for the building in the long run to be more than merely a place where people go to work; the technology giant wants to marry the work lives and private lives of its employees in a single mixed-use complex. The project in this regard pioneers a way of looking at cohabitation, and it simultaneousy seeks to be a leader in the energy field, aspiring, as it does, to LEED Gold certification.

Obra Work: Campus Google, Sunnyvale (California); Google Campus, Sunnyvale (California).

Cliente Client: Google.

Arquitectos Architects: BIG / Bjarke Ingels Group.