Following their collaboration to design Google’s new campus in California, Heatherwick Studio and BIG were commissioned to create the company’s new headquarters in London. The team’s focus was not just to make special large workspaces but to find an architectural language that could fit into the local community of King’s Cross and an intense urban context.

The design presents a bold volume 330 meters long with interiors cascading across multiple floors, in a continuous space conducive to collaboration among workers. In tune with the other projects developed with Heatherwick Studio for Google, it proposes a flexible interior layout that can be adapted in the future to new ways of organizing work. For a company whose fame comes from a virtual world of data, this project represents an engagement with public physical world in a new way. The building will have retail spaces at ground level that will be instrumental in integrating it into the functional fabric of the city at large. Externally the panoramic sculpted roof garden will give unprecedented views to the city around and at the ground the street will come alive in unexpected ways.

Obra Work

Google King’s Cross

Cliente Client

Google, Argent  

Arquitectos Architects

Heatherwick Studio; Thomas Heatherwick (dirección de diseño design director); Stuart Wood (director de equipo group leader); May Tang, Craig Miller (dirección de proyecto project leaders); Jordan Baliff, Gabriel Belli Butler, Adam Brown, Mark Burrows, Ruggero Bruno Chialastri, Jose Cadilhe, Julia Cano, Luis Miguel Samanez Carrillo, Leonardo Colucci, Silvia Daurelio, Danny Dimbleby, Ben Dudek, Andrew Edwards, Thomas Glover, Kong Hoang, Thomas Impiglia, Madhav Kidao, Barbara Lavickova, Nicolas Leguina, Julian Liang, Ivan Linares Quero, Elli Liverakou, Luke Plumbley, Freddie Lomas, Stuart Macalister, Marco Mazzotta, Dimitrije Dica Miletić, Pippa Murphy, Abigail Portus, Brando Posocco, Eliot Postma, Fernando Poucell, Jeff Powers, Rebeca Ramos, Emmanouil Rentopoulos, Elisa Simonetti, Ken Sheppard, Don Shillingburg, Wendy Smith, May Tang, Ondrej Tichy, German de la Torre, Marcos Velasco, Cong Wang, Junyi Wang, Paul Westwood, Simon Winters, Jorge Xavier Mendez-Caceres (equipo team)

Colaboradores Collaborators

A10, AKTII, Bjarke Ingels Group