Campus Google Mountain View, California (in construction)
BIG Bjarke Ingels Group  Heatherwick Studio 

Campus Google Mountain View, California (in construction)

BIG Bjarke Ingels Group  Heatherwick Studio 

Because of the rapid expansion of Google, the renowned technology firm invited the studio, in collaboration with BIG, to design its new campus and headquarters at Mountain View, California.

The campus is a combination of two projects – Charleston East and Bay View – which are conceived as heterogeneous spaces with the potential to address the firm’s constantly evolving needs and integrate future work models. Hence the roof is detached from the slabs and walls, giving rise to a huge, hangar-like free space. The program is distributed in two levels linked by courtyards: the ground floor contains public spaces and auxiliary uses, while the upper floors house the actual work areas and recreational facilities. In addition to creating a productive and enjoyable workplace for its staff, the design team soon realized that Google wanted the new buildings to have a strong relationship with the local community and offer a range of amenities also for neighbors, creating a more open and permeable campus than other typical car-centric developments in Silicon Valley. In this community utopia, the lines between interior and exterior blur: asphalt gives way to greenery and walking and biking are encouraged, the biking even within and through the building.

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Google Mountain View

Cliente Client

Arquitectos Architects
Heatherwick Studio; Thomas Heatherwick (dirección de diseño design director); Eliot Postma, Stuart Wood (dirección de grupo group leader); Sarah Gill, Sam Aitkenhead, Stuart Macalister (dirección de proyecto project leader); Nick Arthurell, Ángela Bailén López, Lucie Beauvert, Elena Blanco, Erich Breuer, Mark Burrows, Darragh Casey, Julia Cano, Kyriakos Chatziparaskevas, Michael Chomette, Griffin Collier, Antoine van Erp, Alex Flood, Jeronimo Garcia, Alicia Hidalgo, Vaughan Horsman, Steven Howson, Xuanzhi Huang, Jessica In, Nilufer Kocabas, Andre Kong, Marko Koops, Francis Lam, Adrienne Lau, Barbara Lavickova, Changyeob Lee, Ángela Bailén López, Abel Maciel, Christopher McAnneny, Dimitri Michas, Ricardo Sosa Mejia, Pippa Murphy, Sayaka Namba, Charmaine Ng, Francis Ng, Marie Nihonyanagi, Hannah Parker, Gilberto Pedrosa, Gabriel Piovanetti, Ivan Polley, Fernando Poucell, Matthew Pratt, Paul Robinson, Arturo Revilla, Matthijs La Roi, Miguel Rus, Peter King, Marco Mazzotta, Tom McKeogh, Juan Oyarbide, Ville Saarikoski, Luis Sacristan, Danai Sage, Luda Smart, Chris Stone, Cliff Tan, Neal Tanna, German de la Torre, Ling-Li Tseng, Cassandra Tsolakis, Ville Saarikoski, Ricardo Sosa Mejia, Skye Sun, Enol Vallina, Marcos Velasco, Cong Wang, Junyi Wang, Simon Winters, Priscilla Wong, Chen Zhan (equipo team)

Colaboradores Collaborators
Bjarke Ingels Group

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