Offices for Banco Santander, Santander
Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos 

The former headquarters of Banco Mercantil takes up a whole urban block of Santander’s gridded expansion area. The building is a 1900 project by the architect Casimiro Pérez de la Riva (1851-1934). The building is horizontally divided into three parts: a semibasement floor with thick walls, for safety deposit boxes; the ground level, which housed the bank branch; and the three upper floors for apartments. The building is accessed from the north and the south; the bank branch was accessed from Plaza Morena, and the residences from Calle del Medio. Currently, all floors are for banking or office use. The original bank has undergone several transformations over time, but has maintained the clarity of its cast iron column structure around the courtyard...  [+]

Banco Santander

Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

Blanca Sánchez (responsable de proyecto project manager), Sergio Mota (responsable adjunto deputy manager); Helena Fuentes, Federico Curti, Carlos Prisco, Pablo Navas, Alexandra Wideberg, Eneko Garín, Javier González, Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos (interiorismo, iluminación interior design, lighting); Show me the project / Brick Visual / Moka-studio (infografía infographics); Jorge Queipo (maqueta model)

Proyecto básico Basic project: CESMA Ingenieros (estructuras structures); IS Ingenieros (ingeniería del clima, acústica, protección contra incendios climate engineering, acoustics, fire protection)
Proyecto ejecución Execution project: IDOM (estructuras, ingeniería del clima, acústica, protección contra incendios structures, climate engineering, acoustics, fire protection); Naserges (seguridad y salud health and safety); IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture (dirección de obra, control de obra construction management, construction control)

Contratista Contractor
SIECSA Construcción y Servicios, S.A.; Arkoslight, Hunter Douglas, Cortizo, Interface

SuperficieFloor area
4.083 m²

12.071.118,96 €

Fernando Alda