Xishuangbanna Tea Factory
Vector architects 

Xishuangbanna Tea Factory

Vector architects 

The tea factory is located in a rugged area of steep slopes and tropical flora. Hence the decision to apply the strategy of embedding the entire program into the mountain, and covering it with an artificial hill: a formation of stepped green roofs.

While the view from outside is of a fragmented building that wants to hide, the inside contrasts with monumental scale of the central space, accentuated by the rigorous rhythm of light sources and the imposing presence of the concrete structure...[+]

Obra Work
Fábrica de té en Xishuangbanna (China)
Xishuangbanna Tea Factory, Xishuangbanna (China)

Xishuangbanna Amoro Tea Industry 

Vector Architects / Gong Dong

Equipo Team
Gong Chen, Liangliang Zhao (arquitecto responsable project architect); Jinteng Li, Han Zhang (dirección diseño design management); Wei Tao, Jianxi Lai, Shiyu Wang, Yudi Gao, Liwen Zhang, Xinyue Liu, Fanlin Gou, LI Jing, Xinran Zheng (equipo de proyecto project team)