Mountaintop Theater, Beijing
Vector architects 

Mountaintop Theater, Beijing

Vector architects 

On a slope of the Yanshan Mountains in northern China, at one end of the east-west axis that crosses Beijing, the theater rises as a material symbol of the contrast between the sinuous natural landscape and the vast open urban setting of the city.

The ‘penetrations’ done on the terrain – executed along the axis to fit the building onto the site – simultaneously resolve the spatial functionality of the theater and the visual connection between both directions, east and west, on a human scale...[+]

Obra Work
Teatro Mountaintop, Pekín (China)
Mountaintop Theater, Beijing (China)

Metro Land Corporate 

Vector Architects / Gong Dong

Liwen Zhang (arquitecto responsable project architect); Han Zhang, Chaoying Feng (dirección diseño design management); Siyuan Xi, Gong Chen, Mofei Li, Yechi Zhang, Teng Wang, Xinyue Liu (equipo de diseño design team)

Colaboradores Collaborators
JH Theatre Architecture Design Consulting Company (acústica acoustic)