The Sound Stone, Qinghuangdao
Vector architects 

The Sound Stone, Qinghuangdao

Vector architects 

The geometry addresses the adjoining urban spaces and its curves redefine the different uses of the square. In the section, the concert hall and a meditation room are superposed, connected by tubes to send sound from one to the other.

The round concert hall works like a huge sounding board that transmits the music down to the lower level, and is crowned with a circular ceiling made of ETFE membranes, enabling it to be opened out during the warm summer months...[+]

Obra Work
Sala de conciertos Sound Stone, Qinghuangdao (China)
The Sound Stone, Qinghuangdao (China)

Cliente Client
Beijing Rocfly Investment 

Arquitectos Architects
Vector Architects / Gong Dong

Equipo Team
Liangliang Zhao, Shida Liu (arquitecto responsable project architect); Han Zhang (dirección diseño design management); Zihao Zeng (arquitecto en obra site architect); Zihao Zeng, Mofei Li, Liwen Zhang (equipo de diseño design team)

Arquitectos localesLocal institute of design
Dalian Architectural Design & Research Institute; Chuanyu Lin (arquitecto responsable project architect); Yue Jiang (equipo de proyecto project team)

Zhigang Ma, Suiping Zhang, Lei Zhang (estructura structure); Xudong Qi, Fujun Zhang, Yafeng Wang, Xiaojie Liu, Weipeng Yu (instalaciones MEP engineer); TORYO International Lighting Design (iluminación lighting); JH Theatre Architecture Design Consulting Company (acústica acoustic)