Europa City, a sustainable city of 800,000 square meters located in the municipality of Gonesse, 16 kilometers from the center of Paris, combines the urban density of a big city with the bucolic character of life on the outskirts. Beneath a large green roof the project organizes the mixed-use program – culture and leisure facilities, exhibition spaces, twelve hotels, 500 shops, restaurants, ski slope and water park – along a wide circular boulevard of almost two kilometers. Melded with the urban fabric and the green spaces, the large avenue forms a continuous loop traveling through six different areas themed as the various regions of Europe. The green roof is conceived as an accessible topographic landscape, allowing visitors to experience the panoramic views of the center of Paris and La Défense. Its height varies along the perimeter, creating a landscape of gently rolling slopes with valleys and peaks.

Europa City is designed as a laboratory for sustainable technologies, a showcase for green tech implementations that save energy and also improve the quality of the urban environment. The whole city runs on a combination of solar energy, biofuels and geothermal energy. 

Cliente Client

Groupe Auchan

Arquitectos Architects

BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group

Socios responsables Partners in charge: Bjarke Ingels, Andreas Pedersen

Jefe de proyecto Project leader: Joao Albuquerque, Gabrielle Nadeau.

Equipo de proyecto Project team: Maren Allen, David Tao, Salvador Palanca, Marcos Bano, Lucian Racovitan, Ryohei Koike, Camille Crépin, Elisa Wienecke, Léna Rigal, Paolo Venturella, Tiina Liisa Juuti, Jeff Mikolajewski

Colaboradores Collaborators

Tess; Transsolar; Base; Transitec; Michel Forgue