Panda House, Copenhagen (project stage)
BIG Bjarke Ingels Group  Bjarke Ingels 
Panda House, Copenhagen (project stage)

Panda House, Copenhagen (project stage)

BIG Bjarke Ingels Group  Bjarke Ingels 

The circular shape of the Panda House solves the problems arising from the complex conditions of the site, at the intersection of walkways between Copenhagen Zoo’s elephant, monkey, and Nordic fauna sections. At the same time, the circularity presents the opportunity to define two halves – in ‘yin and yang’ manner – and ensure that male and female are separated for most of the year, a condition that increases the chances of mating. Each part is molded with a gentle slope – under which closed shelters can be placed – that makes it possible to create two small groves – one of bamboo, the other of fog – and also two streams.

The project is conceived as an experience of total immersion in the habitat of pandas, so aside from the panoramic path along the high part of the perimeter, lower spaces are provided from which to watch the animals at close range and have a peak into the auxiliary facilities, such as the refrigerated space where bamboo is stored or the training room. A restaurant is planned for the area between the panda and elephant enclaves, and diners will be able to observe both. The exterior will be covered with abundant vegetation, blending the installation with the neighboring buildings.

Cliente Client

Copenhagen ZOO

Arquitectos Architects

BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group.

Socios responsables Partners in charge: Bjarke Ingels, David Zahle

Jefe de proyecto Project leader: Nanna Gyldholm Møller, Ole Elkjær-Larsen, Kamilla Heskje

Equipo de proyecto Project team: Tommy Bjørnstrup, Alberto Menegazzo, Alex Ritivoi, Andre Zanolla, Anna Bertolazzi, Annette Birthe Jensen, Birgitte Villadsen, Carlos Soria, Channam Lei, Christian Eugenius Kuczynski, Christian Lopez, Claus Rytter Bruun de Neergaard, Dag Præstegaard, Dina Brændstrup, Eskild Schack Pedersen, Fabiana Cortolezzis, Federica Longoni, Finn Nørkjær, Frederik Skou Jensen, Gabrielé Ubareviciute, Gökce Günbulut, Hanne Halvorsen, Hessam Dadkhah, Høgni Laksáfoss, Jeppe Langer, Jesper Bo Jensen, Jesper Boye Andersen, Jesper Kanstrup Pedersen, Jiajie Wang, Jinseok Jang, Joanna Plizga, Joos Jerne, Lone Fenger Albrechtsen, Luca Senise, Mads Mathias Pedersen, Maja Czesnik, Margarita Nutfulina, Maria Stolarikova, Martino Hutz, Matthieu Brasebin, Olga Litwa, Pawel Bussold, Richard Howis, Seongil Choo, Sergiu Calacean, Sofia Sofianou, Stefan Plugaru, Tobias Hjortdal, Tore Banke, Ulla Hornsyld, Victor Bejenaru, Weronica Zaborek, Yulong Li, Xiaoyi Gao

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