Liverpool School of Architecture
First Prize

Liverpool School of Architecture

First Prize

The lack of cohesion among the different-style constructions in the area is resolved with new public cores and social spaces that connect the parts to configure the new building. Despite its marked geometry, the piece blends finely with its context.

Starting from the inside out, a concrete table supports loft-space studios above, arranged under 30m clear-span roof timber trusses. The gathering hall is a public exhibition space, its ribbed slab supported on haunch-headed columns...[+]

Liverpool School of Architecture, United Kingdom

Cliente Client
University of Liverpool

Arquitectos Architects
O’Donnell+Tuomey/Sheila O’Donnell, John Tuomey, Willie Carey, Henrik Wolterstorff, Niall Crowley, Rachel Graham, Robert McCluskey, James Barry, Ross Ledsham

Equipo Team
AKT II (estructura structure); Max Fordham (servicios services); Buro Happold (instalaciones de protección frente a incendios y acústica fire and acoustics); E3 Cube (acceso access); Cunliffe (presupuesto cost consultant)

O’Donnell + Tuomey; Picture Plane