Center for Technological Innovation BIT, Inca
Alberto Campo Baeza 

Center for Technological Innovation BIT, Inca

Alberto Campo Baeza 

The project involved building high-tech offices on a triangular plot within an industrial park.

A podium bounded by a wall resulted in a travertine box opening up to the sky. An orthogonal 6x6-meter grid was drawn over it. Separated from the walls, a parallel band offset to the sides of the triangle was formed, with cylindrical white pillars of metal holding up a flat roof cantilevering two meters on either side of the line of columns. This space was glazed without joineries, creating a continuous spaces through the horizontal plane of the travertine floor.

Trees of fragrant fruits were planted on the grid’s remaining points; and on the walls, climbing plants with aromatic flowers. So a ‘secret garden’ was created, within which the workspaces were laid out. The ensemble was given a nuance through the placement at the center, conveniently shifted on the grid, of the lecture hall, an amphitheater with tiers carved into the stone floor. All the services go into the basement, ‘puncturing’ the floor to serve the workspaces...[+]

Promotor Developer
Gobierno Balear (Consejería Agricultura, Comercio e Industria)

Arquitecto Architect
Alberto Campo Baeza

Arquitectos colaboradores Collaborators
Ignacio Aguirre López, Antonio Pérez Villegas, Antón García-Abril

Estructura Structure
Andrés Rubio Morán

Aparejador Quantity surveyor
Julio Pérez Amigo

Superficie Floor area
1.700 m² (sobre rasante above ground); 3.200 m² (bajo rasante below ground)

Contratista Contractor

Fotos Photos
Hisao Suzuki, Raúl del Valle