Residential Building in Cantareira, Oporto
Eduardo Souto de Moura 

Residential Building in Cantareira, Oporto

Eduardo Souto de Moura 

Located in the old harbor area of the city of Porto, the residential building takes up a narrow plot facing the Douro River estuary. The project explores the idea of stacking, conceptually superimposing three concrete boxes containing the apartments. To achieve this effect – without having to duplicate the structure of the floor and the ceiling – the slab’s edge is extended upon reaching the facade. A narrow slot carved in the concrete marks the separation between the prisms. In the south and east elevations the facade planes are rotated, giving the building a dynamic image. Inside the apartments this rotation ensures that the rooms have oblique views of the estuary.

The floor plan distribution adapts to the uneven geometry of the plot with a shift along the eastern boundary. From this articulation point, where the stairs are located, the apartments are divided in two opposite directions, separating the bedrooms that face the rear courtyard and the living rooms that flow onto the street. The main and rear facades of the three concrete boxes are closed with glass walls, maximizing sunlight and contact with the surroundings. 

Obra Work

Prédio na Cantareira

Cliente Client

Paulo Mendes

Arquitecto Architect

Eduardo Souto de Moura

Colaboradores Collaborators

António Sérgio Koch, Manuel Vasconcelos, Tiago Figueiredo

Consultores Consultants

Cogedir - Gestão de Projectos S.A.

Contratista Contractor

Norasil - Sociedade de Construção Civil, Sa

Superficie construida Built-up area

717 m²

Fotos Photos

Luís Ferreira Alves