Donau-City Towers, Vienna

Dominique Perrault Architecture 

Conceived as the new ‘gate’ of Vienna’s business district on Danube Island, the asymmetrical DC Towers are home to an extensive mixed program of uses, from offices to a restaurant through a hotel and private apartments. The first of the two constructions rises 220 meters (250 with the antenna) and was built with a solution based on the tube, formed by a core of reinforced concrete – containing the vertical circulation cores – and a grid of pillars on the facade. The floor plan’s being rectangular and having a narrow bay organizes the inner space in two distinct zones, in accordance with a polarity of uses reflected in the building’s appearance as well, oriented as it is toward a plaza between the two towers. While the outer face and the sides of the buildings have a flat skin, the inner facade has undulating faceted glass planes subjected to the effects of light through the hours of the day and the seasons of the year.

Obra Work

Torres DC I+II en Viena DC Towers I+II in Donau City, Vienna (Austria).

Cliente Client

WED (Wiener Entwicklungsgesellschaft für den Donauraum).

Fecha Date

2004-2014 (torre I tower I); 2004-2016 (torre II tower II).

Arquitectos Architects

Dominique Perrault,

Arquitectos asociados Associate architects

Hoffmann & Janz Architekten,

Consultor de estructuras Structural engineering

Perrault P., Bollinger & Grohmann, Gmeiner Haferl Zivilingenieure ZT.

Consultor de fachadas Facade engineering

Werner Sobek Ingenieure,

Consultor de construcción Construction consultant

Dr. Pfeiler.

Consultor de electricidad Electrical engineering

TB Eipeldauer & Partner,

Consultor de instalaciones Installations consultant

AXIS Ingenieursleistungen ZT.

Estudio de vientos Wind engineering

Wacker Ingenieure,

Fotos Photos

Michael Nagl.