Vulcano Complex
First Prize

Vulcano Complex

First Prize

The building is integrated in the urban tissue of the old industrial zone, favoring pedestrian traffic along the north-south and east-west directions by connecting the recessed patios with the protected park – of almost 5,000 m2 – via two public passages.

Located between the Zürich-Altstetten station and the future stadium, the railroad tracks and the highway, the building, with an area of 37.205 m2, is designed as a five-story plinth of offices and three identical towers with 300 apartments... [+]

Obra Work

Vulcano Complex

Cliente Client

Credit Suisse

Arquitecto Architect

Dominique Perrault

Dirección artística Art direction

Gaëlle Lauriot-Prevost

Arquitectos del proyecto Project architects

Bettina Pinks, Michael Schaupp


Larissa Elschen, Ignacio Ferrer, Nanako Ishizuka, Ramona Triolo, Francesco Vinci. Equipo del concurso?Competition team: Laurent De Carniere, Mike Nikaes, Quentin Blaising

Arquitectos Asociados Associate architects

Itten+Brechbühl AG.  

Director del proyecto Project manager


Estructura Structure

Basel & Hofmann

Consultor de fachadas Facade consultant

PSS Engineering

Electricidad Electricity

Werner Abächerli

Instalaciones MEP


Ingeniería física Physics engineering

Kopitsis Bauphysik

Protección contra incendios Fire protection


Paisajismo Landscaping





Patrice Debois, Etienne Follenfant, Perrault Projets

Croquis Sketches

© Dominique Perrault / Adagp

Imágenes y planos Images and drawings

© Perrault Projets