Ruin in Cristelo

Ruin in Cristelo


Twenty-five years after the original project, clients decided to extend the living space using the ruin as a complement to the existing housing. The objective is to maintain the current image of the building, taking full advantage of the views of the landscape... [+]

Obra Work

Ruin in Cristelo

Arquitecto Architect

Eduardo Souto de Moura

Fecha del proyecto Date of the project


Construcción Construction

2017-previsión expected 2018

Colaboradores Collaborators

Pedro Guedes de Oliveira, Eurico Salgado dos Santos

Consultores Consultant

A3R - Ing. Pedro Costa Pereira (ingeniería de estructuras structure engineering); rg4e - Ing. Paulo Oliveira (ingeniería eléctrica electrical engineering); tekk - Ing. Pedro Costa Pereira (ingeniería mecánica mechanical engineering); Fluimep - Ing. José Miguel Araujo (ingeniería hidraúlica hidraulic engineering)

Fotos Photos

Arquivo ESM (E. Souto de Moura)