The objective of the project is to turn the old Salesian convent into offices for the Union of Municipalities of the Comarca of Pamplona, in the heart of the Navarrese capital. Interventions on the abandoned heritage building is minimized. Demolition will be done only where really necessary, and as much as possible, elements will be reused. Through optimized use of existing space, it will only be necessary to build a single new volume in the entrance courtyard. The building’s relationship with the town as it opens out to Pamplona city’s new gridded extension. The old orchard behind becomes an antechamber.

The new structure of cross-laminated timber makes it possible to maintain the original loadbearing walls. Partitions and secondary walls are removed. The entire structure is composed of CLT beams with a standardized section 44 cm thick and 12 wide. Climate control is addressed mainly through a geothermal system, harnessing the high thermal inertia of the old walls.