Shack in the Rocks, Victoria
Sean Godsell 

Shack in the Rocks, Victoria

Sean Godsell 

The site is in country Victoria, approximately one hour’s drive west of Melbourne. A previous scheme for the plot was shelved due to cost, so finally the architect and clients agreed on a simple house that adapts the traditional industrial structures to satisfy the primary requirement in rural and outback Australia for shelter: a place to enjoy outdoor activities and a roof parasol to provide some shade and protection from the rain. Under the constraint of a tight budget, and taking inspiration from two early houses by Riken Yamamoto, the project is completed via simple adaptations. The house is composed of two sheds – one for cooking and eating and one for sleeping – that rest on a monolithic concrete base, and includes translucent roofing material for light and some industrial walkway grating to make a louver for shade. The light boundaries and scattering of spaces characteristic of Yamamoto’s houses are reflected here in the two small ‘haysheds,’ positioned at one end of the platform to highlight the transition space between exterior and interior, and built with enclosures of varying opacity to blur the boundaries with the surrounding landscape...[+]

Sean Godsell Architects 

Sean Godsell (arquitecto principal chief architect), Hayley Franklin

OPS Engineers (estructura structure); Nelson McDermott (aparejador building surveyor)

R+B Kahle (constructor general general contractor); Architectural Steel (metal steel); Surf to City Concreting (hormigón concrete); Fred Ganim (mobiliario y carpinterías furniture and joinery); Brent Kahle (paisajismo landscape)

SuperficieFloor area
32m² (superficie construida built area) 
129ha (parcela site area)

Earl Carter