Overlooking the edge of a seventy-meter cliff over the east coast of Sydney, the floor plan of the Holman House spreads its free-flowing forms – which recall the Picasso painting Swimmer – over the boundaries of Dover Heights. Its zigzagging perimeter arches, folds and narrows in tune with the itinerary of the sun.

The ground floor rests on the precipitous profile of the place, inserting a row of service areas that are attached to the rock and free up the larger amount of space for the bedrooms oriented towards the coast, that with their terraces seem to configure an extension of the precipice stretching at their feet. Their walls extend along the boundary of the cliff to create a series of terraced gardens of irregular profile and a pool of sinuous lines. The areas of the living and dining room flow onto the ocean, permitting spectacular views of different points of the coast. The thin concrete slabs delimit large glass surfaces, outlined by stainless steel frames, which constitute both the pieces of transparent enclosure and the parapets. The large windows establish constant visual dialogues between the changing surface of the ocean and the different rooms... [+]

Cliente Client

Anthony & Jennifer Holman

Arquitectos Architects

Neil Durbach, Camilla Block/ Durbach Block Architects

Colaboradores Collaborators

David Jaggers, Lisa Le Van, Joseph Grech, Adrian Gessener

Consultores Consultants

Baigents (estructura structure); Jane Irwin Landscape Architect, Bates Landscape Services (paisajismo landscaping); Acor Consultants (instalaciones engineering); Jeffery and Katauskas (geotécnico geotechnical); Arup (ingeniería de fachada facade engineering); Boweld (acero steel); H Dallas Industries (carpintería joinery); Mintaro (pizarra slate); Granite and Marble Works (mármol marble);G. James Industries (puertas de aluminio y vidrio aluminum doors and glazing); Carrie Bros, Michael French (mampostería de piedra stonemasonry)

Contratista Contractor

LH Building Services

Fotos Photos

Brett Boardman, Anthony Browell, John Gollings