Qishe Courtyard, Beijing

Qishe Courtyard, Beijing


Bringing contemporary life into this traditional courtyard without diminishing memory was the objective of a project fundamentally pursuing dialogue between past and present. Located in a typical alley or hutong in old Beijing, the construction falls under a historical Chinese typology known as Siheyuan, characterized by an orthogonal layout around patios. The intervention is grounded on two strategies: enhancing the existing structure through removal of additions deemed to be of little value, and introducing services required of a housing program today.

The key element in the transition between new and old is the porch, which follows the traditional form of pitched roofs and curves outward, creating a surprising warped geometry that results in a fluid space. In the same way, the small height variations that used to be addressed with steps are now settled through gentle slopes ensuring circulation continuity. As for materials, there is a clear desire to preserve tones and textures of yore through reuse of components. For example, bricks salvaged from the demolished structures go into new partitions, and the wood of deteriorated beams is recycled for furniture...[+][+]

Obra Work

Qishe Courtyard  

Arquitectos Architects

ARCHSTUDIO / Han Wenqiang (jefe de proyecto chief designer); Wang Tonghui (equipo team)

Consultores Consultants

Zhang Yong, BAMBOO ERA (estructura structure); Zheng Baowei, Yu Yan, Li Dongjie (instalaciones installations); Dong Tianhua (iluminación lighting); Zhang Xiaoguang (paisajismo landscaping)

Contratista Contractor

Chen Weixing, BAMBOO ERA

Superficie construida Built-up area

500 m²

Fotos Photos

Wang Ning, Wu Qingshan