Buddhist Shrine, Tangshan

Buddhist Shrine, Tangshan


A sanctuary is buried under a mound, preserving the beautiful riverside scenery around it and creating an intimate atmosphere conducive to meditating in harmony with nature.

With the objective of not felling any of the trees on the site, the project works its way around and beneath them, carefully breaking up into five separate spaces connected to one another by a linear route along two axes.

In a clear gesture of silent withdrawal, the meditation room retreats to the ground, illuminated from overhead by a generous skylight, while the more social space, the tea room, opens out to the forest landscape...[+]

Obra Work
Santuario budista, Tangshan (China) Buddhist Shrine, Tangshan (China).

Arquitectos Architects
Archstudio / Han Wenqiang (socio partner); Jiang Zhao, Li Xiaoming (equipo team).

Consultores Consultants
Zheng Baowei (instalaciones MEP services); Zhang Fuhua (estructura structure).

Superficie Area
169 m².

Fotos Photos
Wang Ning, Jin Weiqi.