Power Plant for Foz Tua Dam
Under construction

Power Plant for Foz Tua Dam

Under construction

The aim is to eliminate the character of ‘building,’ reducing its image to that of a ‘machine’ in the landscape. A concrete ‘cap’ covers the buried elements (two wells and the atrium); to the exterior only a fissure of 1 meter in height is visible on the rock.

The platform, 36 meters wide, forced to make a cut in the mountain with a slope of 45º. To make sure that the final result would be as natural as possible, concrete walls were not used, and the rock was cut and covered with a metallic net, practically imperceptible... [+]

Obra Work

Power plant for Foz Tua Dam

Arquitecto Architect

Eduardo Souto de Moura

Fecha del proyecto Date of the project


Construcción Construction

2011-final de end of 2017

Cliente Client


Equipo Team

Tiago Figueiredo (coordinador coordinator); Elisa Lindade, Diogo Guimarães, Filipa Biscaínho, Daniel Castro

Consultores Consultant

EDP+Coba (ingeniería de estructuras structure engineering); EDP+GPIC (ingeniería eléctrica electrical engineering); EDP (ingeniería mecánica e hidráulica mechanical and hydraulic engineering)

Constructor Construction

Somague + Mota Engil

Fiscalización Supervision


Fotos Photos

Arquivo ESM (E. Souto de Moura)  

Fotógrafo de maquetas Model photographer

Arménio Teixeira