At University College Cork, next to Glucksman Gallery, this pedestrian bridge is part of a global project to blend the riverfront with the pedestrian routes and improve the connections with the city. The area, known as Lower Grounds, belongs to the university campus designed by Thomas Deane in 1858, which over time has become a picturesque site with trees and meadows along the South Channel River Lee. To preserve the environmental qualities of the setting, the project includes landscaping elements such as new pathways and trees in clusters between earth-mounds to provide visual screening to the car parks and protect the privacy of the gardens of the houses nearby. The proposed ramp emerges from the limestone escarpment. Also built with limestone, the ramp establishes a continuity between the natural environment and the artificial elements.

A small stone seat/balcony which is integrated with the ramp at its highest point allows for users to pause and observe the landscape before crossing the bridge. The prevailing presence of stone is interrupted by a wood footbridge that spans the riverbed and ends in a concrete base at the other side of the river. 

Obra Work

UCC Bridge

Cliente Client

University College Cork

Arquitectos Architects


Consultores Consultants

Horganlynch Consulting Engineers (estructura structure); Arup (instalaciones M&E engineers)

Presupuesto Budget

€1.16 M + VAT