Quzhou Sports Park, Quzhou (in construction)
MAD Architects 

Quzhou Sports Park, Quzhou (in construction)

MAD Architects 

The idea of nature in the east – connected to the cultivation of the spirit – gives rise to the concept of city committed to the emotional well-being of its dwellers. True to this premise, the Beijing-based studio of Ma Yansong proposes a sports park where the buildings, which seem to emerge spontaneously from the ground or disappear into it, blend into the organic fabric to create a poetic and futuristic landscape: a green expanse in the center of the busy city. The stadium is the main element in the composition, and is gradually unveiled from the different pathways as a light, floating structure symbolizing the apparent proximity of the earth and the sky.

Quzhou Sports Park, Quzhou (China) 

Cliente Client
Quzhou West District Development Committee 

Arquitectos Architects
MAD Architects 

Equipo Team
Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano (socios responsables principales principal partners-
in-charge), Liu Huiying, Kin Li, Fu Changrui (socios responsables asociados associate partners-in-charge), Xu Chen, Li Cunhao, Li Guangchong, Li Gang, Iting Lien, Kyung Eun Na, Ma Yin, Thoufeeq Ahmed, Alessandro Fisalli, Li Hui, Tian Jin, Zhang Kai, Ma Yue, Melanie Weitz, Zhou Haimeng, Xiao Yuhan, Yuki Ishigami, Luis Torres, Su Le, Kang Wenzhao, Pittayapa Suriyapee, Yu Lin, Neeraj Mahajan, Zhang Bo, Connor Hymes, Zhang Yufei, Wang Qi, Song Minzhe, Cao Xi, Liu Hailun, Zhang Xiaomei, Zheng Kangcheng 

Dirección de obra Executive architect
CCDI Group 

Paisajista Landscape architect
PWP Landscape Architecture 

Ingeniería de estructuras Structural engineer
Schlaich Bergmann Partner 

Ingeniería mecánica MEP engineer
SC Consultants Limited 

Fachada Facade consultant
RFR Asia 

Iluminación Lighting consultant
Ning’s Field Lighting Design 

Animaciones Animation Support

Fotografía Photographs