Jiaxing Train Station
MAD Architects 

Ma Yangsong’s practice, MAD Architects, has completed the reconstruction and expansion of the railway station at the center of the Chinese city of Jiaxing. With a high degree of precision the new station recreates the original, which was built in 1907 and destroyed over half a century ago. In its place rose another one, which operated from 1995 to 2019, and this in turn has now been replaced by MAD’s.

The new construction has gone up with 210,000 bricks made of mud from the nearby lake and other locally sourced materials. Under a ‘floating’ metal roof equipped with solar panels, the interiors present claddings of anodized aluminum panels that absorb excess noise. Most of the complex is underground, including the busy transport interchange. The project connects with and enlarges an already existing park. Seven circular buildings serving different functions for culture and business are scattered among the green hills.