Xinhee Design Center, Xiamen

Xinhee Design Center, Xiamen


The design center for the fashion group Xinhee and its six subsidiary brands has a star-shaped layout, generating an efficient and flexible space capable of adapting to the local climate thanks to open porches and a central atrium that enable ventilation...

Obra Work
Centro de diseño de Xinhee Xinhee Design Center, Xiamen (China), 2010-2021

Cliente Client
Xinhee Co., Ltd.

Arquitectos Architects
MAD Architects (Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano)

Socios a cargo Associate partners in charge
Liu Huiying, Flora Lee, Fu Changrui

Equipo Team
J Travis Russett, Xu Chen, Natalia Giacomino, Younjin Park, Sear Nee, Ratima Suwanrumpha, Julian Sattler, Zhang Long, Ma Ning, Wang Xiujing, Jei Kim, Zhu Jinglu, Zeng Lingyue, Jakob Beer, Liang Zhongyi

Colaboradores Collaborators
CCDI Group (executive architect), Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration, Comyang Architecture Consulting (interior design), Cicada Landscape Architecture

Consultores Consultants
SM&W (acoustics), ARUP Shenzhen (structure & MEP), RFR Shanghai (facade), Beijing United Artists Lighting Design (lighting)