Quzhou Sports Park, Quzhou (project stage)

Quzhou Sports Park, Quzhou (project stage)


The sports facilities blend into a public park whose design will attract citizens to practicing exercise. Facades disappear into the terrain, covered by greenery, and contours are engraved into the surface, some forming pedestrian pathways.

Obra Work
Parque de deportes, Quzhou Quzhou Sports Park, Quzhou (China), 2018-2021

Cliente Client
Quzhou West District Development and Construction Management Committee Class A, Quzhou Baoye Sports Construction & Operation Co., Ltd.

Arquitectos Architects
MAD Architects (Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano)

Socios a cargo Associate partners in charge
Liu Huiying, Fu Changrui, Kin Li

Equipo Team
Li Cunhao, Xu Chen, I-ting Lien, Ma Yin, Kyung Eun Na, Thoufeeq Ahmed, Tian Jin, Zhou Haimeng, Li Hui, Xiao Yuhan, Li Gang, Alessandro Fisalli, Luis Torres, Ma Yue, Zhang Kai, Melanie Weitz, Yuki Ishigami, Connor Hymes, Song Minzhe, Pittayapa Suriyapee, Su Le, Kang Wenzhao, Neeraj Mahajan, Zhang Bo, Yu Lin, Li Guangchong

Colaboradores Collaborators
CCDI Group (executive architect), PWP Landscape Architecutre, EADG, Young-High Landscape Design (landscape), CCDI Group, Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Decoration & Landscape Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. (interior design drawings development), Shanghai Baoye Group (constructor)

Consultores Consultants
SC Consultant Limited (mechanic & electricity), RFR Shanghai, Huge Span Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (facade), Beijing United Artists Lighting Design (lighting), SBP, Structure Center of CCDI (structure), Kenya Hara + Nippon Design Center (signage design)