China Philharmonic Concert Hall, Beijing
First Prize

China Philharmonic Concert Hall, Beijing

First Prize

A semi-transparent glass facade wraps the new volume, which contains a concert hall seating 1,600 spectators covered with a ceiling of white reflecting petals that allows lighting and visualizations be projected for musical performances...

Obra Work
Sala de conciertos y Filarmónica de China, Pekín China Philharmonic Concert Hall, Beijing (China), 2014-2022

Cliente Client
China Philharmonic Orchestra

Arquitectos Architects
MAD Architects (Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano)

Socios a cargo Associate partners in charge
Kin Li, Liu Huiying

Equipo Team
Zeng Hao, Zhao Wei, Xiao Ying, Fu Xiaoyi, Wang Qi, Wang Shuobin, Zheng Chengwen, He Xiaokang, Jacob Hu, Brecht Van Acker, Wang Deyuan, Shen Chen, Dora Lam, Ben Yuqiang

Colaboradores Collaborators
DRFT (executive architect), MAD Architects, Beijing Honggao Architectural Decoration & Construction Design Co., Ltd. (interior design), Palm Design Co., Ltd. (landscape)

Consultores Consultants
RFR Shanghai (facades), SIGN Lighting (lighting), Nagata Acoustics, DRFT (stage lighting & acoustics), Zheng Bang Creative (Beijing) Brand Technology Co., Ltd. (signage design), CCDI Group (structure), Beijing Homedale Institute of Urban Planning & Architectural Design (traffic)