The flood-resistant Oceanix Busan prototype was unveiled on 26 April 2022 in New York – at the second United Nations roundtable on Sustainable Floating Cities – as a follow-up to the Oceanix City concept presented in April 2019. A fruit of collaboration between the architecture firm of Bjarke Ingels, the local practice Samoo, and the technology company Oceanix, along with ONU-Habitat, the development planned for the north port of Busan seeks to offer sustainable solutions to the global challenges that coastal cities are facing due to climate change and rising sea levels. Connected to land by bridges, the modular and interlinked floating platforms will feature low-rise buildings that include housing, a research center for maritime studies, and greenhouses for food farming, besides photovoltaic panels and integrated systems for waste treatment and water recycling. Construction of phase 1 of the masterplan, covering 6.3 hectares, is scheduled to start in 2023.