City Hall revamp in Burtenbach

Lux Architect 

The German firm of Manfred Lux was commissioned to renovate the town hall building of Burtenbach, a Bavarian municipality first mentioned in a 1558 document. The building was subjected to modifications over time, and significantly renovated in 1972. Combining the traditional craft of local artisans with contemporary production methods, the overhaul approved in 2015 and completed in 2019 sought to bring back the building’s past using materials of the place: calcareous matter for floors, ceilings, and walls; solid ash wood for doors, built-in furniture, and the main staircase, which forms the building’s spine. The visual warmth comes from the combination of the terrazzo flooring’s natural earthen colors and the cream tones of the plaster and wooden elements, applying artisanal techniques to the details and using machines based on technology that uses computer numerical control (CNC). The wood elements were executed without metal joinings, nor glues.