Restoration of Asplund’s Gothenburg City Hall
Erik Gunnar Asplund  GAJD arkitekter 
Restoration of Asplund’s Gothenburg City Hall

Restoration of Asplund’s Gothenburg City Hall

Erik Gunnar Asplund  GAJD arkitekter 

The Swedish master Erik Gunnar Asplund envisioned the City Hall of Gothenburg as an organic whole, and thus merged the 17th-century construction with his building raised in 1936. This same criterion of unity has been the guiding idea in the recent project for the restoration of the complex, where the obligation to respect the original architecture was complemented by a desire to understand the intentions of the original project, and with this knowledge proceed to give the building efficient installations by renovating it and incorporating elements addressing new safety codes, especially in relation to fire escape.

The process began with the facades, where the plasterwork was repainted with the warm tones conceived by Asplund, precisely, to create visual continuity between the Baroque and modern parts. On the other hand, the wooden frames, besides being varnished and repainted, were given a new inner layer of glass, thereby improving the properties of the windows in terms of energy efficiency and safety.

But the most important action has been the glazing, once again for safety and evacuation reasons, of sixteen sections of the courtyard vault, for whose brass coatings and fragments inspiration was drawn from the materials and the geometry of the upper glazed gallery that Asplund had designed.

Relatively well preserved, the interior spaces underwent only minor interventions, above all to recover the appearance of the building that Asplund built. These mainly involved bringing back the original color tones of the plaster, the surfaces of the stair box, and also the characteristic wooden panelings of the foyer and the corridors, which in some cases have been polished to counter the darkening caused by a combination of dirt, friction, and smoke.

Obra Work 

Restauración del Ayuntamiento de Gotemburgo (Suecia) Restoration of Gothenburg City Hall (Sweden).

Cliente Client

Higab Group.

Superficie Area

8.600 m2.

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Arquitecto Architect 

GAJD arkitekter / Mikael Nädele, Caroline Losman, Oliver Benkert, Petra Thedin, Ewa Christensson;

Consultor de restauración Restoration consultant 

Building Restaurering.

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Krister Engström.