Studio for painter Eduardo Arranz-Bravo, Barcelona

Garcés - de Seta - Bonet | arquitectes 

Vallvidrera, a peripheral neighborhood of Sarriá-Sant Gervasi, one of the ten districts making up the city of Barcelona, is the location of the studio of the painter Eduardo Arranz-Bravo, a work of the Catalan firm of Jordi Garcés, Daria De Seta, and Anna Bonet. Surrounded by the lush vegetation of Tibidabo Mountain, the compact volume distributes a total floor area of 167 square meters in two levels. The ground floor, rising 3.5 meters, contains the storeroom and the sculpture workshop, opening up to the exterior through a large glazed fissure. The first floor, rising 5 meters, harbors the painting studio, illuminated only by the skylight at the point where the four irregularly slanting planes of the roof meet. Integrated into the slope of the terrain, the construction is designed as a monolith clad on the outside with light stucco and unclad inside, the concrete left as is. Garcés - De Seta - Bonet Adrià Goula