Exac-Wu Executive Academy
Exac-Wu Executive Academy

Exac-Wu Executive Academy


One would expect a center for the training of future corporate leaders to express some of the material pragmatism of the financial world, but no such thing happens in the new Executive Academy of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), which is designed instead as an at once active and contemplative, as well as sensory experience. It opens on to the exterior, seeking different frames that deform the rigorous building volume imposed by the by-laws. The final shape comes from grouping a series of blocks placed where they can best perform their functions, distributed in two strata that give an unexpected open character to the school: multipurpose halls and areas for attending to the public are on the ground floor, and classrooms and faculty departments are upstairs, where students and teachers can enjoy the atmosphere of the surrounding landscape. This is possible thanks to the deformations that facet and orient the volumes, and to the openings that bring in light and offer views.

Obra Work

Academia de Ejecutivos en la Universidad de Viena Exac-Wu Executive Academy, Vienna (Austria).

Superficie construida Built area

7.500 m2.

Presupuesto Budget

15.500.000 euros.

Fecha de inicio Starting date

septiembre 2008 September 2008.

Fecha de final de obra Completion date

junio 2013 June 2013.

Cliente Client

Inmobiliaria estatal BIG y Universidad de Economía de Viena Federal Real State Company (BIG) and WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business).

Arquitectos Architects

NO.MAD Arquitectos / Eduardo Arroyo.

Colaboradores Collaborators

Esteban de Backer, David Rodríguez, Frank Müller, Michael Rabold, Ander Rodríguez.

Consultor de estructuras Structural consultant

Vasko + Partner Ingenieure.

Consultor de instalaciones MEP consultant

Vasko + Partner Ingenieure.

Fachada de aluminio Aluminum facade

Reynobond, www.alcoa.com

Muro cortina Curtain wall

Schüco, www.schueco.com

Vidrio Glass

Inerpane Ipasol, www.interpane.com

Ascensores Elevators

Otis, www.otis.com

Mamparas Partitions

Feco, www.feco.de

Paneles móviles Movable partitions

Dorma, www.dorma.com

Revestimiento linóleo Linoleum coating

Forbo Möbellinoleum, www.forbo.com

Fotos Photos

Roland Halbe.