Cemetery, Camarma de Esteruelas
Carlos Puente 

Popular references are woven with others originating from classic funerary architecture in the extension of this necropolis in a small agricultural town of the Castilian plateau. An ordinary plaster wall surrounds the new graves, the order of which, together with the planting of hedges, creates private refuge spaces. Flanked in the interior by two rooms, the atrium is a solemn and sober transition space for meeting and waiting, divided by a white marble column. Overhead it is protected by a simple Arab tile roof, creating a sober and solemn space of transition. A mixture of Macael marble and white cement planked by canes to obtain a grooved texture is used in the paving and in the catafalque destined to bid farewell to the deceased. The handless clock over the aluminium gate signals that time has stopped on the threshold between life and death.