Mole House, London

Adjaye Associates 

Mole House is a three-storey live-work space on a triangular plot in the heart of Hackney, in northern London, designed as a single-family dwelling for contemporary artist Sue Webster. The project came together as an exercise in excavation and retention, with Webster’s vision for the new home being strongly tied to the history and fabric of the original building. The detached Victorian house was left vacant and derelict after a 40-year long tenancy, held by a resident locally referred to as the Hackney Mole Man. Known for having spent years burrowing a network of tunnels beneath the property, his decades of organic digging yielded a subterranean system of multi-directional passageways. With the quarrying having seriously compromised structural integrity, the house was eventually seized and excavated. Its burrows were plugged with aerated concrete to re-establish structural safety and over 33 tonnes of debris were removed from site. Externally, the original masonry fabric is preserved, with 15,000 reclaimed London bricks used to supplant areas of excess damage. The pitched slate roof was replaced with a flat concrete slab...[+]

Obra Work
Mole House

Cliente Client
Sue Webster  

Arquitectos Architects
Adjaye Associates

Colaboradores Collaborators
Parry Page (constructor, electricidad e instalaciones contractor, electricity and installations); Alcock Lees Partnership Ltd. (estructura structure)

Superficie construida Built-up area
256 m²

Fotos Photos
Ed Reeve