House in Martinhal
ARX Portugal 

House in Martinhal

ARX Portugal 

The house is located in Sagres, next to Cape San Vicente in the Algarve, in the southeast extreme of Portugal. With a long maritime tradition, the town was chosen by the Infante Don Henrique in the 15th century as seat of the School of Navigation, and its beaches today attract windsurfers from different places. The dwelling departs from the stereotypical image of the Portuguese house, that which tourists expect to see, and that is so common in the area. The plot chosen overlooks a precipitous slope that descends towards a valley.

An L-shaped configuration accommodates the bedrooms, whose volume is lightened thanks to courtyards that bring privacy to the interior spaces. The composition of courtyards is complemented with construction elements that frame visuals of intact fragments of the landscape. The pieces are oriented towards the private courts, generating diagonal views that reach out to the surroundings. The vernacular tradition of the area’s structures is reinterpreted here with the aid of the architectural language of the Modern Movement, exemplified in the white of the walls and the flat roofs that were used in the past to dry fruit and fish... [+]

Cliente Client

Eng. Paulo Freire

Arquitectos Architects

Nuno Miguel & José Paulo Feio Ribeiro Mateus/ARX Portugal

Consultores Consultants

SAFRE, Projectos e Estudos de Engenharia (estructura structure)

Fotos Photos

Fernando Guerra/FG+SG