Coeda House, Atami
Kengo Kuma 

Coeda House, Atami

Kengo Kuma 

Akao Herb & Rose Garden is situated near Atami, a seaside town that is a popular tourist destination close to Tokyo and Yokohama. Famous for its exuberant rose gardens, the site of Akao Garden borders on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. To make the most of this privileged location, the new café designed by the office of Kengo Kuma is organized around a central support, which leaves the perimeter clear of columns that would otherwise obscure the landscape, and creates a panoramic interior space. By randomly stacking 8 x 8 cm cedar boards, the design generates a huge tree-like structure that lends its name to the project: ‘Coeda House’ or ‘the house of small branches.’

The different parts are connected at specific points by rods concealed in their interior. Besides, the framework’s core is reinforced with rods manufactured in carbon fiber, a material with a tensile strength seven times that of iron, thanks to which it becomes possible to have a single trunk with large branches while still diminishing movement during earthquakes. In spite of its large span, the roof manages to convey an image of lightness.

Obra Work

Coeda House

Cliente Client

Hotel New Akao

Arquitectos Architects

Kengo Kuma & Associates; Kengo Kuma (socio encargado partner in charge); Katsuhito Komatsu (equipo de proyecto project team)

Consultores Consultants

Ejri Structure Engineering (estructura e ingeniería civil structural and civil engineer); Kankyo Engineering (protección contra incendios, ingeniería mecánica, eléctrica y acústica mechanical, electrical, fire and acoustic engineer)

Contratista Contractor


Superficie construida Built-up area

141 m²

Presupuesto Budget

596,514 €

Fotos Photos

Kawasumi Kobayashi Kenji Photography Office