Chapel of Saint Peter, Campos do Jordão
Paulo Mendes da Rocha 

Chapel of Saint Peter, Campos do Jordão

Paulo Mendes da Rocha 

In the town of Campos do Jordão, the Chapel of Saint Peter sits by Boa Vista Palace, the former winter residence of the São Paulo State Government, which currently functions as a museum. Reinterpreting the adjoining position of the historic chapels, this small church goes up by a retaining wall on the southwest corner of the palace, to which it is linked through a tunnel that ends in the sacristy lobby.

Inside the chapel, the space is organized around a huge cylindrical column, which symbolizes Saint Peter’s role as foundation stone of Christianity. Taking this large pillar as central point of departure, three lightened slabs cantilever at different heights. From the entrance level, the central tray slopes to form a small grandstand, reserved for the congregation, which directs its views towards the region’s valley. The delicate vertical enclosure strikes a contrast with the massive core and establishes a continuous relationship between interior and exterior, bringing nature and landscape into the worship space. At ground level, a layer of water casts luminous reflections on the lower side of the concrete slabs, giving the complex a light appearance. 

Cliente Client
Departamento de Edificios e Obras  Públicas de São Paulo

Arquitecto Architect
Paulo Mendes da Rocha 

Colaboradores Collaborators
E-Argenton Colonelli, A. Delijaicov, C.J. Dantas Dias, G. Takeuchi Sugai (arquitectos architects)

Consultores Consultants
Conscal-Consultas e Cálculos, Siguer Mitsutani (estructura structure); CCN Planejamento e Engenharia, J.Crequeira César Neto (electricidad e hidráulica electricity and hydraulics)

Contratista Contractor
Construtora Sorocaba

Fotos Photos
Cristiano Mascaro